Writing for Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums

I grew up in the quiet suburbs.
I developed in a rural colligeate bubble and the blue-collar midwest.
I sharpened my teeth in the fast-paced New York City.
I honed my craft in cutthroat Los Angeles.
I can authentically reach any audience in any environment.

Hi, I’m John and I like exploring the connections between disparate things.

I am a writer, researcher, and archivist based in Los Angeles always seeking an engaging narrative. Growing up in the midwest – with parents who are both engineers – has given me a great appreciation for the natural and constructed worlds. I believe my interests are eclectic, my approach is interdisciplinary, and my word is my bond.  I hold master’s degrees in the History of Art & Design and Library & Information Science and I want to write for you authentically to make a real connection! 

Don’t hesitiate to reach out, take a look at my résumé, or peruse some of my writing while you are here. Thanks!